- Review builders tender prices and quotation & assist the owner with recommendations and variations to the plans and specifications
- Review drawings and specifications for the project & recommend additional clauses or clarification where incomplete
- Check builder is licensed & has appropriate insurance cover
- Retain full set of documentation for ongoing homeowners queries
- Review cost variations & claim for extension of time
- Prepare instructions to builders requesting variations or additional works
- Review builders progress claims
- Explain homeowners rights & obligations under the contract
- Ensure Occupancy Permit is promptly issued
- Resolve disputes quickly using on site inspections & mediation
- Refer matters to experienced property lawyers where necessary
- Appear at VCAT for clients in the case of unresolved disputes


- Site inspection and pre-existing condition report
- Inspection and report at base stage
- Frame stage inspection (This can also involve a follow up inspection to check on found defects)
- Lock-up inspection and approval of the lock-up payment. (check on roof, flashings, window and door installation and other matters)
- Pre-plaster inspection
- Pre-tile inspection (this is the most critical inspection)
- Fixing inspection and approval of stage payment
- Pre-finish inspection (Usually 2-3 weeks prior to completion.)
- Final inspection and report

Also included is checking and verification of all stage payments, as well as any possible variations and amendments to the contract throughout the project.

Building Check is always available for technical advice on any difficulties that may arise during construction, and will also address any problems that may arise on site, and offer expert advice on resolving any construction issues.